Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Stay Safe With International Travel Insurance

Dear elders travelling is the best option to explore lots of things, gain knowledge from various corners of the world and it is an opportunity to boost the bonding between the couple.
Travel Insurance

You might spend most of your age for earning money and raising your children the remaining age should be for yourself. We have to travel at least one corner of the world before we die.

“The world is like a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

 Well, what are the main things to keep in mind during your trip to make it safe and hassle-free?

Travel Insurance

An International trip always includes more risk factors when compared with domestic trips. If we were hospitalized, lost our luggage or cancelling our trip in the middle it costs more in foreign currency. But don’t be afraid of such hassles, an International travel health insurance will help you to avoid such risks.

Visitors Insurance

What is an International travel insurance:

Visitors Insurance

International travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while travelling,

it can be usually arranged at the time of the booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip, or a “multi-trip” policy can cover an unlimited number of trips within a set time frame.

Benefits of International travel insurance:

Visitors Insurance

1.Loss of baggage:  The insurance company will compensate for the total loss of your baggage and you can avail allowance to buy essential items as per the terms and the conditions of the company.

2.Cancellation of a trip: If you want to terminate your trip due to any reason. The partial trip loss amount will be paid by the insurance company.

3.Loss of travel documents: It is very important to secure your passport, visa, and other identificational documents while travelling to other countries, if you lost them anywhere it leads to lots of complications. NRI Travel Health Insurance helps you in arranging a new set of documents immediately in such cases.

4.Medical compensations: If you met with an accident or hospitalized the insurance company will pay all allowances.

5.Death coverage: If a person demised suddenly during the trip or before, the insurance company will compensate the amount to the nominee and also mortal remains of the policyholder to the home country will be paid by the insurance company.

6.Delay or cancellation of the flight: No issues if your flight is cancelled or delayed if you got insured, your insurance company will compensate for rebooking of flight and helps you to reach your destination on time.

7.Assistance on time: You will get 24/7 assistance from the company and helps you in time you can reach them through a toll-free number and can communicate with them in your language.

Exclusions  of International travel insurance:

  1. Pre-Existing Diseases not Disclosed.
  2. Mental Health Issues.
  3. Travelling against the advice of the doctor.
  4. Travelling for medical treatment.
  5. Diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.
  6. Medical expenses once the policy is expired.
  7. The cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches and other external appliances and/or devices.
  8. If the passport is confiscated or detained by customs, police or other authority figures.
  9. If the loss is not reported to police within 24 hours.

Eligibility for the International travel insurance policy:

  1. The applicant has to be an Indian citizen.
  2. There is no age bar here to buy an international Travel Health Insurance .
  3. Other conditions vary as per the length of the trip.

Tips to buy the best policy:

Visitors Insurance

  1. Refer to inclusions and exclusions in the policies of different companies so that you can find the reliable one.
  2. Do not opt for the cheapest plan because what you will buy you will also get the same that means you did not get high coverage.
  3. Review all the companies to get the best coverage, benefits and instant assistance.
  4. Choose the plan according to the length of the trip, health conditions and the country you want to travel.

There are also special plans for elders whose age is 65 or above.

So, choose your best insurance coverage and make your trip memorable and safe.

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