SHM 3P (Primary Prevention Programs) is an innovative approach towards your health that can save you money on tertiary care and improve longevity of your life.

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“SHM understands that our participants come from different backgrounds. So all of our programs are carefully designed to cater their particular needs”

- Improving longevity of life is a SHM Commitment

Snapshot of past Health

We help you in organizing your past health record by digitizing and sorting them in buckets to understand your past and hereditary health state

Identifying current Risks

SHM Enrollment gives an insight into your current health state and our portal will break down it into layman terms

Future outlook with SHM 3P

You can further choose to enroll into our primary Prevention programs that helps in changing your life style towards a healthier future

Each parent/loved one is assigned a dedicated SHM medical team and network of Health and Wellness specialists.