In-Home Healthcare Services

SHM has a large team of specialist doctors, healthcare professionals, major diagnostic and pharmacy centres as partners, ensure smooth and quality treatment to your parents and also we provide activities such as transportation to the hospital, help with paperwork and discharge formalities are also taken care of to make the process easier

SHM Networks

SHM healthcare services provide compassionate services to lead a peaceful life. They are unmatched in quality and are the best in the industry.

Doctor Appointments

From our database of doctors, we arrange appointments with doctors best suited for your treatment and ensure in time consultation and reports

Sending Reminders

Gentle reminders are sent to your parents to keep up with the doctor and follow up vis its and ensure they take medicine regularly

Dental Services

Dental assistance is a must for any age group. SHM provides Dental services for your parents and loved ones with comprehensive dental and lifestyle plan

24 Hours Bedside Care

We have networks with In-home nurses who provide bedside assistance and medical care 24X7


Surgery Planning

Planning a surgery is a meticulous procedure which involves your loved ones, in their absence, SHM streamlines the whole process and gives you medical assistance and advice. SHM works towards your well-being on parent with your loved one’s

Annual medical check up

SHM keeps a comprehensive data of your parent’s medical records with past and present medical history presented visually. We keep track and remind you of your medical appointments, follow up visits, doctors visit

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records are essential to track change s in medical history and lets doctor s monitor the changes virtually and make any lifestyle  modifications

Home visits

Old age can be a hassle especially when you don’t have your loved have a vast team of dedicated Health coaches and Doctors at your service.

Medicines Delivery

Medicine purchasing can be tedious for old parents, we at SHM ensure all parents are the utmost ease when it comes to medicine, we gather medicines from your prescriptions and deliver them right to your doorstep

Virtual calls

SHM provides a distinct service for Parents to contact SHM at any time to get medical advice and request assistance 24 / 7.


Diagnostic services

SHM provides a cost-effective diagnostics plan adhering to high-quality services at your own home. Every test is done by an experienced Member of staff in their own speciality</p.


Travelling abroad can expose Senior parents to a lot of diseases and uncertainties.SHM provides NRI Insurances for Parents travelling abroad to have a safe and happy trip with their loved ones.


Physiotherapy at home

SHM is not just limited to medical tests and visits, we also arrange physiotherapy sessions at home with just one click and find the best therapist for you.


Old age can cause multiple sensory difficulties especially vision which can hinder their daily activities.SHM provides Vision support through regular eye checkups and provides visual aids to your doorsteps.

Special Hearing Aid

Increasing age can cause damage to hearing and this can be quite a hassle for senior parents. SHM provides services relating to hearing.


X-rays tests

Senior parents face difficulties while doing their daily chores which causes pains internally, SHM provides tests services with personal HC for a checkup

Get Answers and Advice

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