What we do

SHMedics (SHM) is a Parental Lifestyle and Wellness Management Company. At SHM, we understand your concern for your parents’ and family’s health and well-being, especially when you cannot be with them in person. Therefore, combining our decades of knowledge of technology and healthcare, we have put together a ‘one-of-its-kind’ electronic solution, built to provide healthcare assistance to your loved ones back home.

Thus addinglife to years and years to life.”

1. Our Mission

One stop Hub for NRI family Health needs

“We add Life to Years and Years to Life”

2. Our Objectives

Single focus agenda: Become a family member and provide personalized care to the Parents in the form of

a. Right advise at the right time

b. Constant monitoring of Health and Lifestyle of the Parent

c. Offer awesome in-home service

d. Minimize visits to the Hospitals; thereby reduction in bills, time and effort

e. Offer complete one-stop Health and Wellness solution to Parents

3. Our People

SHM has highly qualified teams comprising of Senior Doctors, Medical Officers with Doctorate Degrees, Pharmacy Managers, Health Coaches, Health Advisors, Health and Wellness Practicing Experts, Experienced Operations Teams. SHM leaves no stone unturned in equipping with right teams in providing awesome care to the Parents

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

Our team at SHM has conscientiously designed a Digital Behavior Revision program that helps individuals facing the risk of chronic diseases to improve longevity of life by simple lifestyle alterations. These little amends lead to immense transformations, and leave people feeling better than they have felt in years.

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Meet our team

SHM was born in 2016.
The Cause, Much Earlier.
We — SHM founders Harsha S Majji, Dr. Vinod Kodishana, and Shyam S Mantha — were passionate individuals with a reason to improve the longevity of life in a chaos Healthcare system Together, we had a formative experience at a dysfunctional healthcare that showed us what wasn’t conducive to producing brilliant work: Short-term thinking, putting optics over outcomes, and colleagues protecting themselves against each other instead of working together.

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Harsha S Majji (M.B.A, M.S)
Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Harsha Majji is an entrepreneur with MBA from Case Western and Master’s degree from NIU. He ventured into the challenging healthcare industry in 2014 when his father had to go through a sudden stroke and his first foray into the industry was to make it easily accessible for NRI Parents.

Dr. Vinod Kodishana (M.B.B.S, D.A, M.H.A)
Co-Founder and COO

Dr. Vinod Kodishana is the Chief Operating Officer at SHMedics. Previously, he had been the Emergency specialist at Andhra Hospitals, where he has played a key role and his commitment to save lives has earned him reputation.