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At SHM, we understand your concern for your parents’ and family’s health and well-being, especially when you cannot be with them in person. Therefore, combining our superlative knowledge of technology and healthcare, we have put together a ‘one-of-its-kind’ electronic solution, built to provide healthcare assistance to your loved ones back home.

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Wellbeing at Your Fingertips

Our team at SHM has conscientiously designed a Digital Behaviour Revision program that helps individuals facing the risk of chronic diseases, improve longevity of life by simple lifestyle alterations. These little amends lead to immense transformations, and leave people feeling better than they have felt in years.

Our passion for service has led us on a mission to develop practical, interactive, effective and scalable programs that are sure to inspire lasting behavioural change in individuals, thus adding life to years and years to life.



SHM’s Lifestyle Management System is the product of round-the-clock efforts at innovation. This pioneering service guides participants through an inspiring and interactive journey that integrates seamlessly into everyday life, thus producing assessable and fruitful results. We at SHM are committed to delivering results. All our programs are therefore designed to be effective, salable and quantifiable. Each of our participants is supported by our accomplished SHM Medical Team and also has access to a robust network of SHM recommended health and wellness specialists to guide them through their journey towards well being.


SHM has developed a groundbreaking technology that successfully combines virtual care with in-home therapeutics. The first of its kind today, SHM’s intensive behavioural change programs are clinically supported and evidence-based, with access to 24/7 tracking and significant results.Our passion for development lies at the heart of all we do. This enthusiasm has pushed us to constantly work on improving our technological base, hence resulting in a host of services designed to provide an unparalleled customer experience



When it comes to healthcare, every second is of infinite value. Therefore, our team at SHM is trained to be the quintessence of punctuality and reliability. Whether it be the delivery of medication, regular visits or on-call services, our team is on time, every time. SHM has a team of highly qualified and exceptionally skilled professionals in every area of our business. Our expert medical team is trained to give you the best preventive healthcare, while our technical pros persistently work on improving our technology to keep you connected. They are supported by a capable customer service team who add to our unmatched customer experience.


Signing a participant up with SHM, gives us an insight into their current health state. The reports of this health assessment are broken down into comprehensible terms and transferred to our portal where you can access them and analyse the recommended further action.


As our participants come from varied backgrounds, our programs are tailor-made to suit individual preferences and health requirements. Whether or not participants have had medical conditions in the past, we customize our programs around their specific needs to ensure a rejuvenated lifestyle and a higher life expectancy


Some of our participants require specialist care for pre-existent or possible health conditions. In such cases, we refer them to our panel of highly qualified experts and with the participant’s consent, our representatives schedule a visit and log the outcomes along with all other health records.


We understand that it isn’t always convenient to have to go to a pharmacy every time you run out of medication. Considering that many of our participants do not even have access to a full fledged pharmacy, we have come up with a solution of having these medications delivered straight to your home.


SHM’s Primary Prevention Programs are an innovative approach that can save you money on tertiary healthcare by reducing the risk of chronic illness through simple lifestyle changes like healthy eating and exercise. They are designed to improve the quality of life and increase longevity.


We at SHM know how painstaking it can be to gain technical expertise over and above your medical qualifications. So we have taken away the hassle free solution to get you connected to your desired clientele. SHMNetworks will give you an easy access to our extensive customer base, all you need is to sign up!

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