How SHM Works?

SHM is In home preventive health care for NRI families living in India with motto
"Prevention is better than cure"

Getting started

- Sign Up
- Add you parents/loved ones
- Enroll them into SHM Services

*If you are not sure of the program then simply enroll them in to free in home consultation


Home Care

- SHM Customer care will schedule visits
- In Home diagnostics and consultations
- Improve longevity of life by simplifying diagnostics

*SHM team will keep periodic communication with you regarding your loved one’s health condition and well being


SHM Services

- Health Risk Identification
- Primary Chronic Disease Management
- Periodic monitoring of health status & nutrition

*SHM provides you and your loved ones with simple, concise and relevant information on health status


SHM online portal

- Online medical record retention
- Online prescription and ordering
- Track your parents/Loved one`s Health

*SHM online portal helps to monitor your parents health and well being



SHM LMS Technology

SHM has built one of a kind electronic health solution to bridge gap between you and your parents/Loved ones health concerns and well-being


In Home consultation

Your Parents/loved one’s don`t need to leave convenience of home for getting health checked and no need to spend a day to get your vitals


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